Welcome to Hippos2020's, Business Jyväskylä's and SBA's International Venture Academy

The programme is built on the Hippos ecosystem work and it is primarily targeted to growth companies operating in the field of sports, health and wellbeing.

The International Venture Academy is for you if your company

  • wants to improve its' investment readiness
  • is looking for investment of 0,5M € - 1M €
  • is planning on market-entry to Mediterranean area

What International Venture Academy could offer for your company? Check out Sophia Business Angel's Marcel Dridje's greetings for Finnish growth ventures.


International Venture Academy


International Venture Academy connects first-class entrepreneurs and investors from Finland, France and Austria. It helps growth ventures improve their investor pitches, bring their businesses to a state of ”investment ready” and plan their market-entry to Mediterranean area.

For whom?

Program is targeted for Finnish growth ventures that have desire to improve their investment readiness, are looking for investments or/and are planning on market-entry to Mediterranean area. Participating growth ventures must have ready product or service, clear vision and proof of concepts. Program creates added value for both startups looking for seed funding as well as for scaleups looking for investment of 0,5M€-1M€.


International Venture Academy includes three stages:

  • Investment Readiness Workshop in Jyväskylä, Finland
    • Organized for 10 Finnish growth ventures.
    • Themes: Blue Ocean Strategy to, Go-to-Market and Investment Readiness
  • Remote Coaching: during April
    • Top 3 growth ventures will receive 10 hours of individual remote coaching.
  • International Venture Academy in Nice, France (TBC)
    • 3 Finnish growth ventures, 5 French growth ventures and 3 Austrian growth ventures have opportunity to participate International Venture Academy in Nice.

The first stage, Investment Readiness Workshop is organized for 10 Finnish growth ventures from which top companies will receive 10 hours of individual remote coaching and opportunity to participate International Venture Academy in Nice.

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