Business Rally

City Special Stage

City Special Stage

Jyväskylä Business Rally City Special Stage also known as Mayor's Brunch is held on 5th of August in the City Hall. The City Special Stage brings together expert presentations, company showcases, the latest research, refreshments and relaxed networking. Guests of the City Special Stage includes ministers, ambassadors, committees and other decision-makers, various stakeholders and business decision makers. The City Special Stage will host around 200 guests. 

The Story of the City Special Stage Event

City of Jyväskylä received requests from companies in the region to invite their own guests to visit the Rally and Jyväskylä and to network with other actors in the region. We decided to combine the traditional City Hall invitation event with a joint networking event Jyväskylä Business Rally. At the same time, the event was named City Special Stage, as the event will be held at Jyväskylä City Hall. We in Jyväskylä believe that one + one is always more than two and we want to give companies in our region the opportunity to find new partners, create opportunities to talk directly to decision-makers, officials and other dignitaries, and network with local stakeholders. All this without forgetting the legendary Harju Special Stage, where the guests will head after the event to continue networking and enjoy the fast-paced twists and turns of a top international rally event.