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Investor Day for Startups

Jyväskylä Business Rally Investor Day features 8 curated companies raising series A rounds who will be presenting their business cases for investment. All the companies will be pre-screened and selected by the Investor Day Jury. Members of the jury are European and Finnish Business Angel Board members.

The Jury is looking for investment ready startups to pitch at the event that have:

  • innovative business idea that is scalable and can be fitted to more than just one market
  • evidence of customer traction as well as commited and competent team
  • the ability to attract the attention of angel investors (you may bring current investor to the pitching event along with the start up team)
  • clear ask for investors to join in and why this opportunity can’t be missed

Selected startups

Investment ready startups to pitch at the Business Rally Investor Day 2022 have been selected. 


Problem summary
Aisti develops carbon negative products for construction. Plastic-free, easy to recycle and same prices than competitors.

Construction field is large contributor to worlds' CO2 emissions. Both general opinion and legal status is changing and the need for carbon neutral or even negative products is rising fast. People have also been demanding safer products.

Solution summary
We've developed bio-based material for acoustic ceilings and other acoustic installations that has fire class B, negative carbon footprint and similar other properties as competitors and in our estimation, our manufacturing costs are cheaper.

Investment sought: € 6,000,000 - 10,000,000

image001 (1)


Problem Summary

BioCertica is a health tech company that helps businesses hyper-personalize their clients’ online user experience using genetics.

Personalization is no longer an option; it's a necessity - with more than 75% of clients demanding a personalized experience when dealing with a business. However, 75% of businesses fail to implement and scale personalization due to a lack of skill and data capabilities of marketing departments.

Solution summary
Solution is a personalization platform leveraging consumer genetic data securely and with consent. Combining a consumer’s personal, medical and genetic data into a digital identity allows BioCertica to securely link a business’s products and services to the exact genetic needs of the consumer.

Investment sought: € 420,000 - 1,330,000




Problem summary
BiopSense offers solutions and services for blood-based monitoring of cancer.

Modern immunological cancer drugs could help many patients, but not all. If the success of cancer treatment could be defined earlier by using liquid biopsy, more patients would get these expensive treatments, and a lot of the cancer suffering would be avoided.

Solution summary
We are developing technology to process liquid biopsy (blood) samples in the point-of-care, which would avoid hand-work and allow safe and efficient logistics of the samples, as well as provide quality control before mailing.

Investment sought: € 1,000,000 - 2,000,000

image003 (1)



Problem summary:
Emfit provides contact-free sleep tracking and analyzing.

Installed under a bed mattress, our ballistocardiography-based sleep sensor and cloud-based software system provide the most comprehensive data collected without touch, charging, or user effort. If you’re after unparalleled ease of use and accurate data, you’ve come to the right place.

Solution summary:
Emfit provides sleep and recovery analysis for consumers and athlete teams, automatic and autonomous bio-signal data processing and delivery for remote clinical research and fall & wandering prevention for elderly care.

Investment sought:


Problem summary
Missing-Link secures wireless industrial infrastructures with its real-time spectrum monitoring system.

For any wireless system, interference is always costly. It affects the data rate and the latency and will cause network failure. Interference leads to downtime and production loss of operations. The problem what we are solving is: How to locate interference sources immediately from the wireless infrastructure and secure from the critical area?

Solution summary
We offer a stand-alone RF spectrum monitor to detect and locate malicious devices and suspicious interference sources in critical industry 4.0 and IoT networks.

This is how our system works:

  1. Scan 24/7 the critical area.
  2. Detect interference.
  3. Locate interference by an algorithm.
  4. Eliminate interference whit given information from the area.

Investment sought: € 250,000 - 400,000



Problem Summary

TEZTED is transforming how tick-borne disease are diagnosed at a 90% cost reduction for the patients.

Tick-borne diseases will affect 35% of the global population by 2050. Currently, patients have testified that it takes over 11 different visits, doctors, and tests to get a proper diagnosis. On going tick-borne disease diagnostic tools are slow, expensive, outdated, and inaccurate.

Solution summary
Tezted offers TICKPLEX, a first-of-its-kind complete diagnostic test for tick-borne diseases. TICKPLEX enables clinical laboratories to test multiple patients for several microbes (15) associated with the disease and three disease stages, simultaneously at a 90% cost reduction for the patient.

Investment sought: € 80,000 - 1,000,000

Tezted logo


Problem summary
Traitspotter provides AI based State-of-the-Art tools for trait-based communication for Top 50 b2b companies.

Too much communicational noise in the world, makes it hard for companies in crowded fields to stand out and get their message through. According to McKinsey (2021) 74% of people want to receive content matching their natural preferences, but companies' communication stays often at too impersonal level. TraitSpotter helps to the style right.

Solution summary
We help our clients to get their sales pitches to match the preferred style of their prospects and customers. The insights we gather from digital footprints include the needed information.

Our products:
1. Traits enrichment for CRM contacts
2. AI-Based content creation tools for different traits
3. Plug-ins for improved personal communication

Investment sought: € 200,000 - 300,000



Problem summary
Weeefiner challenges industrial companies to be sustainable by offering innovation that transform unused resources into business.

How to avoid wasting valuable resources? Industrial processes generate dissolved metals and nutrients which usually end up in waste streams unused. At worst, these materials can cause serious water pollution even though they could be an enormous source of secondary raw materials.

Solution summary
We have developed 4D Scavenger - a novel system for the selective recovery of valuable and hazardous metals from industrial wastewater. We use 3D printing to construct chemically functional porous filters, that are applicable in a wide range of industries, from mining and process industry to municipal wastewater treatment.

Investment sought: € 500,000 - 1,000,000



Winner of the Jyväskylä Business Rally Investor Day receive

  • Pitching slot at the European Angel Investment Summit (EAIS) on either 26 or 27 October 2022 in Brussels. 
  • 5 free tickets to attend the EAIS for the founders and their angel/VC investors; granting full access to all parts of the program.
  • Access to networking app and one to one meetings to connect with investors.
  • Winner will be announced at the end of the Investor Day 4th of August.