Business Rally

Side Events

Side Events

Jyväskylä Business Rally week includes few side events alongside the main events. 

Harju VIP_Juuli Aschan AKK

Harju_AKK Sports McKlein

Smart Automotive & Energy Side Event by Business Jyväskylä & Ladec

Date: 4th of August

Business Jyväskylä and Lahti Regional Development company LADEC are arranging a business event alongside Secto Automotive Rally Finland under an umbrella theme Smart Automotive and Energy. On Thursday, the 4th of August, we are gathering to city of Jyväskylä, to discuss about the co-existence of ITS & Energy infrastructures, and to have a taste on WRC rallying environment where hybrid engine WRC cars  are roaring high speed at the city of Jyväskylä and on the famous fast gravel roads of Central Finland.

For more information about this event, please be in contact with Mika Kataikko, mika.kataikko@jyvaskyla.fi

City in the Pocket Launch

Date: 4th of August

Have you ever thought why Smart City projects still create so little value for the people and businesses?

For long time already, the Smart city and Internet of Things projects have given us the promise for making our living and doing our businesses easier and better. Still it is way too hard for us as an apartment or facility owner, tenant or just as a visitor in a city event to access and use digital services easily and seamlessly. People are still the ones running after the right services and data as well as acting copy machines between the services.

We at City of  Jyväskylä want to solve this differently and have taken the first concrete steps to start serving our citizens and businesses better. Together with our Innovation partners Nixu and Digital Living we have been piloting the first services for end users by combining a trusted and interoperable digital identity with data.

Come to hear the results from the first steps we have taken to create the future Smart city services for the people and discuss the next steps with us! For more information about this event, please be in contact with Mika Kataikko.

Mika Kataikko

Mika Kataikko
Tel. +358 50526 8622

Sport Special Stage

Date: 4th of August

Sport Special Stage is a networking event for sport management and stakeholders. The keynote speech will be given by Taina Susiluoto, the new CEO of the Finnish Olympic Committee. The programm includes discussions of the development of the sports conditions, the impact of sport and physical activity in society and the potential of sporting events. At the end of the day, we will enjoy the atmosphere of the World Rally Championship at the legendary Harju special stage with VIP services. The event is held in Finnish and starting at 2 PM in Tanssisali Lutakko.

If you are interested in joining the event, please contact Taija Lappeteläinen, Project Manager, International Sport Events, City of Jyväskylä.

Taija Lappeteläinen

Taija Lappeteläinen
Tel. +358 40 523 9321

Seminar Day & Funding Panel by Venture Development Finland

Date: 5th of August

Venture Development Finland is organizing the Business Rally seminar day for the third time together with Peurunka and the Rehabilitation Institute of JAMK University of applied sciences. The event will be held 5.8.2022 at 12 pm in Peurunka as part of the Jyväskylä Business Rally events.

The themes of this year’s seminar day are based on Work Ability Management and Technology supporting smart ageing and care at home. The event is part of the Multidisciplinary rehabilitation development program which aims to create new customer-oriented product and service concepts for the changing needs of the rehabilitation industry.

The seminar day will culminate in the Funding Panel at 16pm, where growth-orientated companies from the field of health and wealth will be pitching in front of the investors! The more detailed schedule of the seminar day will be announced in early June.

The event brings together health - and technology companies, service providers, municipal actors, representatives of rehabilitation and medical centers, as well as investors who are openly looking for new partnerships to achieve common growth!

For further information, please contact: ville.lassila@yrityskehitys.com