FiBAN and Business Jyväskylä sign a cooperation agreement

calendarOct 23, 2020

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Finnish angel investor network FiBAN and Business Jyväskylä have signed a cooperation agreement. The goal is to gather venture capital and funding for healthtech companies in the HHub ecosystem but also for companies operating in other business sectors by matching angel investors and businesses.

Business Jyväskylä and HHub form an excellent addition to FiBAN’s partner network, according to FiBAN’s CEO Amel Gaily.

–Jyväskylä has very interesting start-up and growing companies as well as partnerships to offer for FiBAN network. Of course, mutual benefit related to ecosystem development and business growth in Finland is our common interest”, says Anne Sandelin, Director of Business Development and Employment Unit of the City of Jyväskylä.

– HHub brings us altogether new, strong expertise in the fields of exercise and wellbeing, new events and interesting startups, Gaily rejoices.

– I believe that, going forward, HHub’s networks also will offer us outstanding expert guests for exercise and wellbeing sector overviews held for angel investors. On the other hand, our great experts are at Business Jyväskylä’s disposal for their events.

Jyväskylä’s HHub ecosystem is teeming with activity and high-quality startups.

– At FiBAN, our goal is long-lasting partnerships. And, as usually is the case, the biggest impact is achieved with responsible long-term work.

Aiming to gain interest from European angel investors

HHub’s Project Manager Nina Rautiainen boils down the benefits of HHub cooperation into this:
– We offer FiBAN our market expertise in advancing health and wellbeing. To us, on the other hand, they bring forth new investors and partner network members for cooperation.

Rautiainen believes cooperation with FiBAN opens up new doors for businesses to European angel investors as well.

– Our shared goal is to bring together angel investors and startups from our ecosystems around the same table, and that is of great importance. FiBAN is an investor network lauded for its activity, together with whom we can awaken the interest of European angel investors toward the Finnish cutting-edge expertise and growth companies in the health and wellbeing sector, Rautiainen says.

FIBAN is a Finnish angel investor network, with approx. 650 angel investors from Finland and abroad. For more information, visit

You may also read FiBAN's article about starting the collaboration.


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