Nainen ja mies keskustelevat teollisuushallissa

Industry Renewal

Central Finland is a region strong in industry and digital technology. Its leading industrial enterprises (forest, energy, paper, timber, and technology industries) generate a significant part of export income. Industry renewal is one of the region's most important industries.

Business Jyväskylä aims to identify the development needs of the leading enterprises in the area and to help local SMEs coordinate the services they offer to meet these demands.

Eteläportti, the most modern service cluster of manufacturing industry in Europe, will be built south of the city by 2030. It will provide a working environment for around 60 industrial businesses, as well as related cross-cutting growth companies with a motivation to keep riding the crest of digitalization, robotics, artificial intelligence, and circular economy. Eteläportti provides access to value networks where international operators seek competitive product service solutions.

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The new industrial area will cater for the needs of the manufacturing industry. Eteläportti will have facilities for development, production and logistic activities among others. In addition, the area is suitable for trade and service providers.

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Examples of Jyväskylä’s manufacturing industry

  • Valmet provides technology, automation, and services for the pulp, paper, and energy industries.
  • Moventas Gears manufactures drivetrain solutions and provides maintenance services for wind power plants. 
  • Arctic Machine manufactures road maintenance trucks and tractors designed for year-round use.
  • UPM-Kymmene's plywood factory at Säynätsalo produces coated and uncoated spruce and birch plywood.
  • HT-Laser works with metal industry assemblies, component production, and optimized and processed cuts.
  • Komas supplies moulded and machined components to vehicle, machine, and device manufactures.

The manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of Central Finland. Support for development in the field is provided e.g. by the Manufacturing and Production Committee of the Central Finland Chamber of Commerce and by the Regional Council of Central Finland. The central location of Jyväskylä and good road connections enable commuting nearly throughout the subregion.

The strong developing operators and significant employers in the municipalities around Jyväskylä include:

  • Valtra (Suolahti)
  • Kytölä Instruments (Muurame)
  • Finn-Savotta (Karstula)
  • Harvia Ltd (Muurame)
  • Nisula Forest Ltd (Halli)
  • Metsä Board Plc (Äänekoski)
  • Dinex Finland Ltd (Laukaa)


The Äänekoski bioproduct mill as a forerunner

The Metsä Group bioproduct mill is the biggest wood refinery in the entire Northern Hemisphere. It became operational in 2017 and is an excellent example of pioneering manufacturing in Central Finland. It only uses renewable sources of energy. 

Heikki Kinnunen, Project Manager Eteläportti, Industrial Specialist, ARVO-Project