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An urban centre for exercise, sports and wellbeing

When completed, Hippos will be the no. 1 centre for exercise, sports (including elite sports), health, wellbeing and related events in the Nordic Countries. It will combine exercise research and technological product development into an entity of international importance. The estimated budget of the project is €160 million. Due to its year-round and almost 24/7 activities, Hippos is going to be the main attraction of Jyväskylä, both locally and internationally.

The modern and configurable sports facilities to be built at Hippos will double the size of the existing ones. In addition to the new multi-purpose arena with its business centre and several indoor sports facilities, the area will also feature a sports boulevard and an outdoor exercise park.

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A leader in the promotion of sports, exercise, wellbeing, and health –the scene of global success stories

Why Hippos?

Our objective is to create an internationally recognized cluster of smart wellbeing that generates a new kind of growth and new potential for all of humanity. Our aim is to achieve significant research-based business via commercial projects in close cooperation with companies and multidisciplinary institutions of learning and research. The commercial facilities of the Areenakeskus business centre at the core of the site will include offices, laboratories, a grocery store, restaurants as well as various shopping and sports facilities. Sport and the other services offered will attract 3–5 million annual visits to Hippos.


Urban Development



Hippos is an urban centre for exercise, sports and wellbeing. Our objective is to create an internationally recognized cluster of smart wellbeing that generates a new kind of growth and new potential for all of humanity.

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Jyväskylä Kangas, Perhe


Kangas is an ideal setting for innovative, future creative companies that wish to take part in developing a new type of business cluster and ecological neighbourhood in Jyväskylä. In 2040, there will be around 5,000 inhabitants in Kangas, with 2,100 people working there.

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Jyväskylän kävelykatu, äiti ja lapsi

City Centre 3.0

Jyväskylä’s city centre is compact in size, but lively and vibrant. Increasing its attractiveness as the location of choice for specialized retail stores, events and living is part of the city’s strategy of development. The Vision 2030 for the Jyväskylä city centre 2030 is a comprehensive plan for the development of the city centre and the urban structure it is a part of. It also includes guidelines for the development of transportation links, business and cultural activity.

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Sairaala Nova ja Kukkula

Hospital Nova and Kukkula

Jyväskylä’s new hospital, the Nova Hospital of Central Finland, is a hospital of the future, with the patient being at the heart of everything. The aim is to provide a thorough healthcare solution, in which prevention and wellbeing play a significant part.

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Anne Sandelin, Director of Business Development and Employment