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BW Virtual Delegation visit to Finland - Opening Webinar

BW Virtual Delegation visit to Finland - Opening Webinar


Preliminary Programme BW_interactive@Finland (Healthcare) Virtual delegation visit to Finland

Welcome and opening of the virtual delegation visit to Finland as a joint event for the sectors healthcare and battery technology by Dr. Christian Herzog, CEO, Baden-Württemberg International

Presentation of Finland as an economic location focusing on future technologies relevant for Germany and Finland

OP_Ilkka_Halava_008Video-Message: Resilience in business and society by Ilkka Halava, Futurist, Foresight Coach and CEO at Prime Frontier Oy, plus member of the board at Futures Finland.

Ilkka Halava is a professional and luminous speaker, Finland’s most popular keynote speaker since 2013.  With socio-cultural and applied futures research tools he makes decision-making understandable in future evolution. He guides composers of new models, concepts and breakthroughs to find their own goals - and to achieve them. Extreme Business Makeover - No Box Required. Ilkka is a warm-hearted radical addicted to learning. He has true understanding of systems which, put together with his media mastery, allows him to drive development in society as much as in products, business and concepts.

Presentation of Finland as an economic location including business opportunities for Baden-Württemberg companies by Kirsi-Maarit Poljatschenko, Senior Director – Head of Europe Central, Business Finland

Bat-Circle Finland, Introduction of the Finish network by Sipi Seisko, Doctor of Science (Technology), Aalto University

Medical treVille Koiste_profiili_vkatment incl. e-health, digitalisation in the Finish healthcare sector with regard to the Finish healthcare reform Ville Koiste, Founder & Chief Value Officer at Gesund Partners

Ville Koiste (M.Sc. in Economics) is a health and social care innovator with an experience from tens of ecosystem projects and innovation experiments as well as multiple national-level initiatives. He is one of the founders of Gesund Partners, a strategy firm focused on solving complex health and social challenges through mission-oriented partnerships. Ville is also a broadly followed industry influencer on social media in Finland. Before founding Gesund Partners, Ville worked e.g. at the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra and Accenture.

News from the healthcare sector in Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Gunnar Grah, Life-Sciences und Healthcare, Baden-Württemberg International

This webinar is a joint event between Baden-Württember International and Business Jyväskylä. It is prepared as a part of the ecosystem and value network development projects of Business Jyväskylä.


Event language is is English.

time icon27.04. 17:00 - 19:00

location iconVerkossa

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